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Idaho, the Stargazing USA State – Silvija Travel Tips

Following the mass influx of tourists that flocked to Idaho to witness the Solar Eclipse, the state is becoming more and more renowned as a must visit destination for the space gazing globetrotter. To celebrate Craters of the Moon’s newly granted International Dark Sky Park Status – here are our top 3 Idaho picks that will have you seeing stars:

1.       Craters of the Moon

The International Dark-Sky Association has granted silver-tier International Dark Sky Park status to Craters of the Moon National Monument. This starry spectacle is a must see due to its distance from large cities and the low southern horizon looking out over the Snake River Plain. Once the sun sets, visitors can take in the most out-of-this-world night sky – and now recognised as a designated International Dark Sky Park, you can be sure there’ll be no shortage of stars to observe.

2.       Bruneau Dunes State Park

Bruneau Dunes is the perfect destination for a road trip adventure. This state park boasts the highest single-structured dune in North America. In addition to the sandy waves, Bruneau is home to Idaho’s largest public observatory. Climb the 470-foot dune, dune sled, ski and snowboard – but most importantly, gaze at the stars.

3.       City of Rocks

The City of Rocks National Reserve is another of Idaho’s other-worldly experiences. The reserve boasts a plethora of natural beauty, from the rocks to the skies above them. As well as a haven for geologists, visitors are in for a treat once nighttime hits the City of Rocks. Tucked away from light pollution and at an elevated position the location makes for the most impressive stargazing. The illuminated night hits the rocky landscape, creating a contrast between the earth and the sky that simply can’t be put into words.


Idaho is ideal for family travellers, outdoor enthusiasts, adventure seekers, or those just looking for a relaxing getaway.  A year-round destination, wherever you choose to explore in this magnificent state, you will find spectacular scenery, fun things to do and friendly, helpful people. You will also find a place that is unhurried, unspoiled and unassuming.  Adjacent to Washington and Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, Idaho stretches from the top of Nevada and Utah to the Canadian border.  The beautiful state has a variety of landscapes – from forests to desert and rugged mountains to broad farmlands.

Over 30 Scenic Byways across the state pave the way to adventure. Idaho offers unspoiled nature, white-water rafting, ranching experiences, Native American culture, biking, golf and wineries, spring through fall.  Winter offers mountain sports with blue skies, sunshine and powder snow in a variety of destination resorts including Sun Valley. Powwows, rodeos, cultural celebrations and festivals fill the calendar with a variety of interesting choices.

(Photo credit: Visit Idaho)

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Vilnius invites travelling back in time for centennial celebration – Silvija Travel Tips

Vilnius is ready for a weekly celebration of the Centennial of the Restoration of the State of Lithuania, from 9 to 18 February. According to the City of Vilnius, efforts will be made to take the entire old town of Vilnius back to 1918. Plenty of events and celebrations have been planned for this particular week, involving active participation of the restaurants and bars, free tours around Vilnius, special illumination of the Independence Act-related key buildings, the distribution of the ancient publication, all this leading to the concert at the Cathedral Square with an element unseen until now – the Centennial Bell.

“Back then, in 1918, Vilnius happened to be in the centre of events, just like now, when the capital is setting the trend and showing the direction. Therefore, we wish to have the anniversary of this extremely important date for Lithuania marked not only officially. Vilnius has been and will remain an open city, therefore, we will try to involve as many as possible people from Vilnius and beyond in this celebration. The highlight of the celebrations will be travelling back in time to see Vilnius as it was in the fateful 1918, with its sounds and tastes”, says Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius.

The Mayor has noted that the upcoming February 16th will feature not only already recognizable highlights, such as the tricolour traffic light campaign, bonfires along Gediminas Avenue (100 this time), youth march, free tours but also new ones, including cooperation with restaurants etc. with a view to achieving a 1918 flashback through century-old tastes and ambiance, as well as the then street names, the tricolour illumination of bridges and the interactive Centennial Bell.

“February is not the best month for celebrations in terms of the weather, so we want to create warm atmosphere downtown to attract the population. I am certain that the old advertisements, restaurant signs, typical cuisine and music will definitely take you back in time to Vilnius in 1918”, says the Mayor of Vilnius.

Remigijus Šimašius invites everyone’s creative involvement in the celebration of this week, for example, by using retro graphics in their social network accounts, by making aged inter war-style business advertisements, which will compete to be published in Vilnius Newspaper, issued specifically for this occasion.

The key personalities and the buildings of that time will not be forgotten either – Vilnius public transport will feature the photos and quotations by the signatories, and the ten key centennial buildings will enjoy a special tricolour illumination.

In memory of the patriarch of the nation, Jonas Basanavičius, a largest live installation has been planned with several hundred bearded men.

All the events, festivals, restaurants, bars and hotels, as well as the photos of the old Vilnius will soon be available on a special Vilnius map:

List of events and highlights planned for the centennial celebration in Vilnius:

Time-travelling in festive week (9-18 February), involving restaurants, hotels, other public establishments, businesses and anyone willing to join the celebration.
Century Bell on Cathedral Square.
Free flashback tours around Vilnius.
100 symbolic bonfires along Gediminas Avenue.
Live installation ‘Basanavičius’s beard’
Symbolic illumination of key centennial buildings.
A tricolour traffic light campaign on Gediminas Avenue.
Signatories’ quotations on Vilnius public transport as of January.
Tricolour bridge lighting.
Ancient Vilnius Newsletter.
Theatre play for children Green Alive (under the pre-agreed schedule with schools).
The Concert for the Restoration of the State of Lithuania on Cathedral Square.
Patriotic march of the Lithuanian youth ‘Road of Statehood’ (Cathedral Square-Rasos Cemetery).

Source: MFA

Pažintis su Beverli Hilsu, Los Angeles – Silvija Travel Tips

Beverli Hilsas – tai miestas Los Andželo apskrityje. Gražus tvenkinys su vandens lelijomis ir naktį šviečiančiu užrašu pažymi ,kad tai- Beverli Hilso pradžia. Čia gyvena daugybė kino ir muzikos pasaulio garsenybių .Ši vietovė žymi prabangiais pastatais, kurių kosminės kainos įkandamos tik elitui. Labai gražios gatvės , daug augmenijos ir gėlių, išpuoselėti parkai ir skverai . Čia visada daugybė turistų, norinčių įsiamžinti prie Beverli Hilso.

Silvija Zalepugiene #SilvijaTravelTips flew from Dublin Airport. Ireland to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) with Ethiopian Airlines

ublin to London €72 return Bus Éireann Euroline and Irish Ferries – Silvija Travel Tips

Travel from Dublin to London from €72 return with Bus Éireann Eurolines and Irish Ferries. Bus Éireann Eurolines coach and ferry day services runs from Dublin to Birmingham and London. The Eurolines service departs from Dublin (Busaras) at 0700, and arrive in Birmingham city centre at 1530 and London city centre at 1900. The crossing is be onboard one of the largest car ferries in the world, the Irish Ferries “Ulysses”.

The night-time service  sees two coaches depart daily from Dublin Busaras, travelling via Holyhead on Irish Ferries and onwards to Leeds and London, the latter including stops in Manchester and Birmingham.

The adult fares includes two medium size suitcases and all taxes costs from €72 return and €85 return for all other locations on the Bus Éireann nationwide network (including travel on connecting Bus Éireann services). Customers are advised to books in advance to avoid any disappointment.

You can also book tickets online at or for further information visit any Bus Éireann, Irish Ferries Office. In Britain, reservations may be made at National Express / Eurolines or any National Express travel agent. Telephone enquiries may be made to National Express customer service/booking centre at 08717 818 177

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Exploring the city of Ciutadella in Menorca – Sunway – Silvija Travel Tips

Exploring the city of Ciutadella in Menorca – Sunway – Silvija Travel Tips

Silvija Zalepugiene, Silvija Travel Tips explores the city of Ciutadella in Menorca on a Sunway holiday Ciutadella de Minorca or simply Ciutadella is a town and a municipality in the western end of Minorca, one of the Balearic Islands(Spain). It is one of the two primary cities in the island, along with Maó. The main sights in the city is the 17th century buildings, many of Ciutadella’s civil and religious buildings were built in the Italian style and gave it a historical and artistic unity. Ciutadella’s town hall is the former palace of the Arab governor and later served as a royal palace under the Crown of Aragon and again as a governor’s palace until the British moved the capital to the eastern town of Mahon in 1722. Punta Nati Lighthouse is located due north just outside Ciutadella.

To visit Menorca in the Balearic Islands consider a holiday with Sunway with direct flights from Ireland to Menorca airport. One of the most popular family holiday destinations, Menorca, with its spectacular coastline comprising of long sandy stretches of beach, picturesque bays and hidden little coves, overshadowed by dramatic cliffs and diverse landscape has a very individual character and atmosphere. There is something about Menorca that is hard to explain – it has to be experienced. Perhaps it is the slow and sleepy pace of development that has left this island unspoilt.

To book a holiday in Menorca visit: – Menorca Balearic Islands

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Kaunas, Lithuania – Top 15 Places To Visit – Silvija Travel Tips

Kaunas is the second-largest city in Lithuania after Vilnius and has historically been a leading centre of Lithuanian economic, academic, and cultural life. Kaunas is home to a variety of festivals and events, including the famous Kaunas Jazz festival, Hanza days, Operetta, Pažaislis Classical Music festival, Bike show, Kaunas city days, Songs festival ( listed by UNESCO), International Modern Dance Festival and much more. The Old Town has a collection of ancient architectural monuments, the remnants of the 14th century with remains of Kaunas castle, the buildings of the Middle Ages in the Gothic and Art Déco styles. The Kaunas Fortress has a valuable military heritage composed of a number of buildings and walls that used to be a military complex. There are nine Forts around the city and the IXth Fort serves as a museum. The macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils at the Devils’ Museum and the exhibitions showing the unique artistic styles of composer and painter M. K. Ciurlionis, as well as J. Maciunas initiator of the avant-garde Fluxus art movement. The Funicular in the city is a unique means of transportation, is still in use today, including the genuine pre-war wagon, wooden seats, and stop platforms. Even today the funicular takes people up to the hill, from which the panorama of the Kaunas city centre and Old town is wide open. Kaunas is the only city among Baltic States, where such means of transportation is available. Kaunas is located at the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers, the Nemunas and the Neris, and near the Kaunas Reservoir, the largest body of water entirely in Lithuania. Since the restoration of independence, improving substantially air and land transport links with Western Europe have made Kaunas easily accessible to foreign tourists.

– Kaunas Castle, Lithuania
– Town Hall, Kaunas
– Kaunas Cathedral Basilica
– Vytautas the Great War Museum, Kaunas
– Eternal Flame, Tomb of the Unknown Solder, Kaunas
– Statue of Liberty, Garden of Vytautas, Kaunas
– Žaliakalnis Funicular Railway, Kaunas
– Christ’s Resurrection Church (Radio Factory, 1952), Kaunas
– St. Michael the Archangel’s Church, Kaunas
– Kaunas Priest Seminary
– Vytauto Didžiojo tiltas (Great Bridge), Nemunas River, Kaunas
– Perkūnas (Thunder) House, Kaunas
– Lithuanian Bank / The Bank Museum, Kaunas
– River Memunas and Neris, Santakos Parkas, Kaunas
– Church and Monastery of Pažaislis, Kaunas

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Pasimėgavimas Glendalough slėniu ir Viklou kalnais, Airija – Silvija Travel Tips

Labai smagu rytmečio žarą ir tekančią saulę stebėti gamtoje. Šį kartą aušrą pasitikau Viklou (Wicklow) kalnuose.Žodžiais nenusakomas jausmas, kai tu matai brėkštantį rytmetį ir girdi, stebi kas darosi aplink kalnuose- tik tu ir gamta, ir tekanti saulė…. Wicklow kalnai driekiasi netoli Airijos sostinės Dublino, čia įkurtas nacionalinis parkas, galintis pasigirti ne tik beveik kilometro aukštį siekiančiomis viršūnėmis, bet ir dailiais slėniais ir ežerais. Butina pamatyti Glenmacnass krioklį , kur vanduo krenta is upės,tekančios nuo kalno, antro pagal aukšti Wicklow nacionaliniame parke ( 849 metrai). Tai neapsakomo grožio vaizdas, kai gali stebėti krintančio vandens jėga ir klausyti jo šniokštimo,ši didybė veikia labai raminačiai. Glendalochas (Glendalough) – tai slėnis, garsus vienuolyno griuvėsiais. Ši vietovė yra Airijos Viklou apskrityje, nuo sostinės Dublino nutolusi maždaug 50 km į pietvakarius. Ši vietovė egzistuoja tūkstanmečius, dar nuo Ledynmečio periodo. Vietovėje išlikę iki 1398 m. veikusio vienuolyno griuvėsiai. Vienuolyną įkūrė Šv. Kevinas VI amžiuje. Čia taip pat galima aplankyti katedrą, kuri yra likusi be stogo, kunigo namelį, koplytėlę ir Šv. Kevino kryžių. Glendalocho apylinkėms būdingi vaizdingi kraštovaizdžiai: įspūdingi ežerai, apsupti sodriais augalais, žalios kalvos ir slėniai.

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Glendalough, Airija, viduramžių vienuolių gyvenvietė – Silvija Travel Tips

Glendalochas (Glendalough) – tai slėnis, garsus vienuolyno griuvėsiais. Ši vietovė yra Airijos Viklou apskrityje, nuo sostinės Dublino nutolusi maždaug 50 km į pietvakarius. Ši vietovė egzistuoja tūkstanmečius, dar nuo Ledynmečio periodo. Vietovėje išlikę iki 1398 m. veikusio vienuolyno griuvėsiai. Vienuolyną įkūrė Šv. Kevinas VI amžiuje. Čia taip pat galima aplankyti katedrą, kuri yra likusi be stogo, kunigo namelį, koplytėlę ir Šv. Kevino kryžių. Glendalocho apylinkėms būdingi vaizdingi kraštovaizdžiai: įspūdingi ežerai, apsupti sodriais augalais, žalios kalvos ir slėniai. Reporter:
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Cathedral Basilica, Vilnius, Lithuania -Silvija Travel Tips

Cathedral Basilica, Vilnius. The Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav is the most important place of worship for Lithuania Catholics and the location for the main Christian, folk and national festivities. In 1922, the Cathedral was granted the title basilica. This is the highest church category awarded by the Pope.

Many prominent people of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy – Noblemen, Bishops and Dukes are buried in the vaults of the Cathedral. The Sovereings Mausoleum located beneath the Chapel of St. Casimir contains the remains of the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Alexander. He is the only ruler of Poland and Lithuania buried in Vilnius. Vytautas the Great, a grandson of Duke Gediminas and the most powerful Lithuanian ruler, is buried in the vaults of the Cathedral together with his wife Ona. Two wives of Žygimantas Augustas, Queen Elisabeth of Austria (Habsburg) and Queen Barbora Radvilaitė (said to have been the most beautiful woman of her time), are also buried on the site. The walls of the Cathedral also provide shelter for the urn with the heart of King Vladislovas Vaza (Wladyslaw Vasa).

The ancient wall of the temple dating back to the 13th-15th centuries, and the oldest Lithuanian fresco painted in the 14th century, have survived in the vaults of the Cathedral.

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Museum of Style Icons in Ireland – Silvija Travel Tips

Silvija Zalepugiene visited the Museum of Style Icons located within the Newbridge Visitor Centre, in Co. Kildare, Ireland. The museum  hosts numerous collections and artefacts relating to Stars of the Silver Screen and many modern day artists – including Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Princess Grace, Princess Diana, Michael Jackson, Michael Flatley, the Beatles and many more. Now rated as one of the top 5 free tourist attractions in Ireland, the Museum regularly hosts visiting collections from around the globe and admission is free.

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