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“ASEAN – A Community of Peace and Shared Future”, ATF 2022

2022 marks 41 years of active collaboration between ASEAN member states to promote Southeast Asia as a single destination and drive the region’s sustainable travel and tourism sector. It is with great pride that we host this significant milestone in Cambodia – the Kingdom of Wonder.

Themed “ASEAN – A Community of Peace and Shared Future”, ATF 2022 echoes the vision of tourism playing a key role to foster a unified and collaborative ASEAN. Tourism sows the seeds of a shared future of peace that can bring about economic growth, social and cultural development, and progress in the region.

Tourism plays an increasingly important role in Cambodia’s national, economic and social development. It is our top priority to build and develop the necessary tourism infrastructure to help drive this industry forward. We have sensibly invested in pro-poor, sustainable, and responsible community-based tourism development projects in north-eastern provinces in partnership with international organizations and development partners such as ADB, UNWTO, and SNV. We believe this will create positive results analogous to global and regional tourism development trends for the present and in the future, and more importantly, sustain ASEAN tourism’s contribution towards the realisation of ASEAN integration goals in 2025.

As one of the fastest-growing tourism destinations in Southeast Asia, we welcome you to strengthen travel partnerships at ATF 2022 and also discover the rich Cambodian heritage, culture, and nature that will offer a cultural and eco-tourism experience that are both dynamic and sustainable.

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Travelling to Thailand will not be the same – Silvija Travel Tips

Visitors to Thailand will feel the change, the new norms which we now all have to practice. Travelling to Thailand will not be the same. Nature has so much to offer. The happiness, the bliss, the fulfilled experiences still await and unchanged. Thailand working from its hearts, getting ready to welcome visitors back.

IT&CMA Learning Festival – Silvija Travel Tips

IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific partnered with ICCA, IMEX, PCMA, and SITE – four of the industry’s biggest associations and trendsetters for its brand new learning festival DDFI.

Slated as the first knowledge segment of the 3-day double-bill event, the inaugural festival featured four parallel themes close to the hearts of industry professionals, each helmed by one of its content partners. Themes ran concurrently over 3 hours – across different locations at the official venue Bangkok Convention Centre on:

Open to all delegates, DDFI featured interactive workshop-style sessions centred on a variety of curated case studies and inspiring stories by personalities and brands passionate about Community and Sustainability; Innovation and Enterprise; Professional Advancement and Well-Being; and Mentorship and Future Leaders.

Organisers and content partners are experienced pre-and/or post-event excursions to local business featured in these sessions as part of a cultural immersion objective to tangible learning at DDFI.

Attendees were invited to ditch the corporate wear and come dressed down in their smart casual attire for a thematic, interactive and unrestricted inspiring learning experience.

Meet The Content Partners and their Themes

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