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What’s New In Greater Miami & Miami Beach 

What’s New In Greater Miami & Miami Beach 

Greater Miami and Miami Beach are back in full swing this year, and visitors have more reason than ever before to celebrate life with a trip to experience the city’s culture, dining, beaches, and more. From new ways to get here to new things to do, this cheat sheet recaps some of the most recent highlights making headlines in Miami’s tourism sector.

Miami remains a top destination booked according to Q1 reports, but the city and region are only just getting started. 

New Hotels

CitzenM Miami World Center opens fall 2022, bringing an affordable luxury approach to hotel stays with 351 app-controlled bedrooms, a rooftop bar and fitness center. It joins the almost opened CitizenM Brickell Hotel (June 21) that includes 252 smart bedrooms with a rooftop open exclusively to hotel guests, with a pool, bar, and fitness area.

Among boutique hotels that opened recently, Gabriel South Beach is a newcomer powered by renewable energy. The Balfour brings Art Deco details and a dining scene worth checking out. Meanwhile, the Goodtime Hotel was ranked the 14th best new hotel according to TripAdvisor. Klimpton launched its boutique Palomar Hoteland Marriott did the same with Moxy Hotel, bringing more intimate properties to South Beach. 

AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, South Miami’s newly opened hotel that’s connected to Dadeland Mall, features contactless robot food delivery service in partnership with Cartken and FanFood. Upon check-in at AC Hotel Miami Dadeland, all guests will now be provided with a QR code that directs them to FanFood’s website where they will be able to choose and order from participating restaurants within Dadeland Mall’s Dining Pavilion.

Looking forward, Atwell Suites, a new hotel brand for IHG will open its first location in Downtown Miami in November 2022,  Treehouse Brickell has been announced for a 2025 opening. 

New Routes

It’s all about resuming previous service and starting new routes this year. For example, Sky Airline Peru launched a new flight from Lima earlier this year while Red Air now features a twice daily flight from Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

In the U.S., getting to Miami has never been easier. Spirit Airlines rolled out 30 routes to Miami this year. Alaska Airlines also boasts a forthcoming daily flight to Miami this June. American Airlines has seasonal flights between November and April connecting Miami to cities across the country, including Albany, Burlington, Madison, and Tulsa.  

American Airlines also has new international services from Paris, Toronto, Martinique, Chetumal in Mexico, and San Andreas Island in Colombia.

Beyond the U.S., Frontier Airlines recently started a new service from Aruba. Air Transat also launched three weekly services from Montreal. WestJet returned recently with four weekly flights from Toronto and Air Canada resumed its service from Montreal and Toronto, ensuring Canadians have ample access to Miami.

SAS has seasonal service from Nordic cities including Copehnagen, Stockholm and Oslo. Finnair also maintains seasonal service from Helsinki and Stokcholm, while LOT is bringing Polish visitors in three times weekly. Lufthansa resumed its service from Munich. And for North African travelers, Royal Air Maroc brought back its service from Casablanca.

New Transport Options

Getting around Miami is convenient as ever with new services across the destination. The new transportation hub MiamiCentral allows for maximum connectivity with public transit options including the Metromover®, Metrorail®, Metrobus®, and City of Miami Trolley Systems. It will also link with the upcoming Tri-Rail Downtown Miami Link Service, a project through the South Florida Regional Transportation (SFRTA) and partners to extend the Tri-Rail commuter rail service to Downtown Miami. 

Miami Central also links South Florida’s Brightline express train which recently returned to regular service. Brightline rail service is also taking the next step to begin rail service linking Miami and Orlando in early 2023 by running trains without passengers between West Palm Beach and Cocoa starting next week and continuing throughout 2022. The trains in that new 130-mile stretch will be training engineers and conductors on the territory, going round trip once daily. 

On the water, Poseidon Ferry, Miami’s long-awaited waterborne commuter service, resumed hourly trips between Miami and Miami Beach. There are also two anticipated new routes that will be announced in 2022 including Miami/Miami Beach/Coconut Grove and Miami/Bimini/Nassau. 

About the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau (GMCVB): 

The Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) is an accredited, independent not-for-profit sales and marketing organization whose mission is to attract visitors to Greater Miami & Miami Beach for leisure, business, and conventions. For a vacation guide, visit our website at or call 1-888-76-Miami (US/Canada only) or 305-447-7777. To reach the GMCVB offices dial 305-539-3000. Meeting planners may call 1-800-933-8448 (US/Canada only) or 305-539-3071 or visit To get further engaged with Greater Miami & Miami Beach, join the conversation by following us on our social media channels at,, and

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Launches into the Future With Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex Opening Spring 2022 

In an ongoing mission to bring the epic story of the U.S. space program to life, Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex today announced a new attraction. Slated to open in Spring 2022, Gateway: The Deep Space Launch Complex, will focus on the present and future of collaborative space exploration, enabling guests to experience the interstellar travel of tomorrow while celebrating what is happening right now within the space program. It will feature a showcase of NASA and commercial spacecraft hardware with immersive displays, as well as a “journey” through space, unique launch viewing opportunities and more.

The 50,000-square-foot, multi-level attraction, currently under construction in the shadow of the Rocket Garden, will engage and inspire guests through one-of-a-kind experiences, artifacts and exhibits. Featuring a comprehensive collection of modern-day spacecraft, Gateway will offer the opportunity to explore the future of space travel in a way never before possible. Through immersive education, atmospheric effects and a 4D motion theatre, guests will see, experience and feel what it is actually like to travel in space.

The striking façade of the Gateway building is designed to capture attention and spark imagination even before entering. The outside walls are accented with iridescent panels of bright turquoise that will alternate with shades of purple, replicating the constant motion and brilliant colors of the universe.

Upon entering Gateway on the first level, “space travelers” will be greeted with a futuristic design intended to set the stage for their journey. Displayed like massive space sculptures in an outdoor garden, visitors will be surrounded by actual space flown artifacts and full-scale models, placed around the floor and suspended from above to allow 360-degree viewing and interaction. They include:

  • Orion Crew Vehicle from EFT-1 Mission (space flown)
  • Boeing CST-100 Starliner Crew Vehicle (full-scale engineering model)
  • SpaceX Falcon 9 booster, officially known as Booster 1023, which supported two SpaceX missions (space flown)
  • Sierra Space’s Dream Chaser (full scale replica)
  • NASA Space Launch System (scale model)
  • ULA Atlas V and Delta IV heavy (scale model)

As well as offering a “nose-to-nose” view of the SpaceX Falcon 9 booster, Gateway’s second floor features a 30-foot, floor-to-ceiling Robotic Trail Blazers Wall with interactive, touchscreen displays through which guests can learn about almost 40 different satellites and probes in space. Also in this area will be a HoloTube presentation station where guests can learn about the high-powered James Webb Space Telescope by manipulating holographic imagery, video and animation through a touchscreen kiosk.

Nearby, guests will be transported into the future of space travel at Spaceport KSC, the first and only airport of the future. Upon entering the concourse, travelers will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of a galactic spaceport: atmospheric airport chatter will surround travelers as they peer through windows at distant views of active launches and landings. The main concourse features multiple screens that will showcase destination promo videos and departure and arrival information. Guests will then board their “spaceships” – in the form of a two-story, 4D flying theater – for one of four journeys: Cosmic Wonders, Daring Explorers, Red Planet or Uncharted Worlds. Each distinct destination allows for the possibility of a different experience with each visit.

Gateway’s rooftop will be a versatile space for both launch and landing viewing and hosting special events. Affixed to the rooftop will be a Planewave CDK20 Telescope with a Espirit 100mm triplet deep sky APO Refractor, and an Altair 125mm solar refractor will offer access to some of the sky’s most amazing celestial and solar wonders. The stunning images can then be shared for educational purposes.

EU Approves Investments Worth €272 Million for Improving Passenger Transport by Train in Lithuania & Latvia 

The European Commission has announced that it has approved investments of more than €114 million from the Cohesion Fund to purchase new electric trains in Latvia’s Riga and Pieriga region.

In a statement issued on April 21, the European Commission also revealed that the Cohesion Fund had approved €158 million for the electrification of the railway section between Kaišiadorys and Klaipeda, Lithuania, reports.

At the same time, more than €60 million in investments have also been approved by the European Regional Development Fund to improve flood protection in the Karlovac-Sisak area of ​​Croatia.

In this regard, the Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, Elisa Ferreira, expressed great happiness for approving these three significant investments in Latvia and Lithuania’s environmentally friendly public transport.

These cohesion policy investments will significantly improve the quality of life for Latvian, Lithuanian and Croatian citizens,” she also added.

The investment in Latvia consists of the purchase of 23 multi-passenger electric trains for the Latvian Railways.

These new trains will help replace some of Latvia’s obsolete vehicles. They will also increase the attractiveness of railways and the annual number of public transport journeys undertaken in the country using environmentally friendly vehicles, which should reach at least 2.7 million in 2023.

Similarly, the electrification of the railway section in Lithuania will reduce environmental pollution by contributing to a shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy in rail transport.

The section is a component of the 423.9 km line linking Klaipėda with the Lithuania-Belarus border. Lithuania’s electrified line currently accounts for only 8 per cent of its railway network. At the moment, the Klaipėda-Kaišiadorys section only uses diesel traction, whose emissions account for 3 per cent of all greenhouse gases emitted by the Lithuanian transport sector,” the statement reads.

In addition, the European Commission notes that to increase the EU’s rail efficiency, the electrification of railway lines is a key provision of the TENT-T development guidelines.

Kviečiame į vienuoliktąją Lietuvos gastronomijos savaitę! 

Jau ketvirtus metus Gastronomijos savaitė vyksta ne tik didžiuosiuose miestuose, bet visoje Lietuvoje – tokiu būdu tikimasi paskatinti Lietuvos gastronominį turizmą, geresnį regionų pažinimą, autentiškų lietuviškų skonių bei vietų atradimą. Šiemet festivalyje dalyvauja 51 restoranas iš VilniausVidurio ir Pietų Lietuvos beiPajūrio regiono.

Lietuvos gastronomijos savaitė jau ketvirtą kartą rengiama pavasarį, kuomet bus galima pasimėgauti šiltesniu oru, ilgesniais vakarais bei šviežiomis pavasario gėrybėmis. Šios Gastronomijos savaitės tema – „22 skonių spalvos“, nes būtent spalvos atbunda pavasarį, po Šv. Velykų, tad ir patiekalų tikimės spalvingų ir spinduliuojančių pavasariu.

Kaip įprasta festivalio metu svečiai bus kviečiami apsilankyti gastronominiuose renginiuose, o restoranuose galės rinktis degustacinius meniu už 20, 30 arba 40 Eur, kuriuose restoranų šefai džiugins tokiais patiekalais kaip Geltonpelekio tuno ir jūros velnio karpačio, pomidorų – aviečių gaspačo, krevetėmis įdaryti ravioliai, žemoje temperatūroje ruošta erienos nugarinė bei daugelis kitų patiekalų, kurie nepaliks abejingų.

Kaip ir kiekvienais metais prieš prasidedant Gastronomijos savaitei, maisto entuziastus kviečiame iš sąrašo išsirinkti labiausiai intriguojantį restoraną bei rezervuoti staliuką jame. Visa informacija apie festivalį, restoranų aprašymai bei meniu bus publikuojami portale Taip pat skatiname sekti festivalio organizatorių – Lietuvos viešbučių ir restoranų asociacijos, Lietuvos vyriausiųjų virėjų ir konditerių asociacijos – informaciją.

Lietuvos gastronomijos savaitės svečiai vėl turės galimybę internetu balsuoti už labiausiai patikusį aplankytą restoraną ir taip išrinkti Gastronomijos savaitės žvaigždę. Restoranams tai – išskirtinė proga prisistatyti, supažindinti svečius su savo idėjomis bei unikaliu stiliumi.

Tad kviečiame rezervuoti vietą patikusiame restorane ir linkime skanių įspūdžių!

CULTOURFAIR Reveals Zamora to Be the Event’s First Post Tour 

The city of Zamora will sponsor a post-tour to exhibit its great cultural, heritage and gastronomic treasures, showcasing its medieval legacy filled with countless characters, stories, and legends, in addition to its romanesque architecture such as the San Salvador Cathedral or the Stone Bridge dating back to the XII century.

CULTOURFAIR 2022 will take place in Madrid from the 2nd to the 4th of October in the Hotel Princesa Plaza, a benchmark of quality in Madrid. The only B2B high standing cultural tourism tradeshow geared towards professionals in the world has the support and sponsorship for the second consecutive year of the Comunidad de Madrid, once again emphasizing the relevance of cultural tourism, a sign of good-will and trust in CULTOURFAIR

CULTOURFAIR’s objective is to position high standing cultural tourism on an international scale, for this purpose, 50 international premium buyers — all of them decision makers and executives — will be selected to participate from companies specialized in the organization of: luxury travel, events (sport, concerts, oenology, gourmet, etc.), MICE, city-breaks, heritage, gastronomy, folklore, religious etc.

The program for the event offers an agenda of up to 30 preestablished appointments with rigorously selected buyers. The workdays will be completed with a high-standing networking program, boosting contact between all participants and fostering business-links, thus guaranteeing a return on investment.

In the previous edition, in 2021, more than 2,000 business meetings were held with an estimated impact in the medium and long term of more than 200 million euros.

In the words of its participants:

Comunidad de Madrid, Raquel Gonzalez: “It is a very engaging event; it facilitates a unique and effective way to promote the destination. I am very glad to have participated, interesting contacts that have allowed me to directly showcase the value of Madrid as a destination.”

Ayuntamiento de Zamora, Christoph Strieder: “The companies found in this event are excelent, they originate from many different countries and that generates a balanced offer. I am thankful that MITM organizes these type of events, where new destinations meet new clients. The organization has been perfect, a good combination of professional meetings and social events.”

Balandis /Nuversti kalnus Kaunas – Europos kultūros sostine 2022

Nemuno ir Neries glėbyje užgimęs Kaunas šiemet savo gimtadienį minės ypatingai – Europos kultūros sostinės gegužės 20-22 dienomis laukia didysis „Santakos” savaitgalis, antroji Šiuolaikinio Kauno mito trilogijos dalis.

Miestas į savo gyventojus šįkart kreipsis vandens kalba – kvies ieškoti sankirtų, susiliejimo, jungties, o svarbiausia – ryšio su savimi ir kitais. Pagaliau išsipildys Kauno svajonė atsigręžti į upę. Vandenyje ieškosime ramybės, o pagavus upės srovei – nersime į renginių sūkurį, banguosime per Kauno rajoną, kol vandens srovių pagauti kultūros purslais aptaškysime visą miestą.

Savaitgalio kulminacija, žinoma, įvyks pačioje Nemuno ir Neries santakoje. Antroji Kauno mito trilogijos dalis – tai gegužės 21 d. vakarą įvyksianti misterija ant vandens, kurią kurs roko ir pop muzikos žvaigždės bei simfoninis orkestras. Daugiau apie didžiojo „Kaunas 2022″ savaitgalio akcentą žadama papasakoti netrukus. Kol kas aišku tiek, kad po didžiojo šou planuojamas pasimatymas su Kauno Žvėrimi – šįkart jis įvyks prie „Žalgirio” arenos. Ar jau pasižymėjote datą?

Jeigu nori ne tik stebėti, bet ir prisidėti prie „Santakos” įgyvendinimo – tapk savanoriu!

Nuversti kalnus 
Kauno ir Vilniaus santykius apdainavome „Žemyn upe” dainoje. Joje telpa ilgametė šių miestų konkurencija bei sąsaja su upe. O kaip atrodo šių miestų draugystė? Kauno ir Vilniaus (ne)priklausomybę vienas nuo kito, miestų tapatybę, panašumus ir skirtumus tyrinėjo kompetentinga abiejų miestų piliečių komanda. Nuo balandžio 23 d. šių filosofinių, kultūrinių, socialinių ir geografinių tyrinėjimų rezultatą galėsite išvysti parodoje „Kaunas–Vilnius:nuversti kalnus”.Parodos koncepcijos bendraautorius Tomas Vaiseta pasakoja, jog pasirinkta kalno metafora – labai plati, todėl tinka nusakyti sudėtingiems Kauno ir Vilniaus santykiams. Kalnas – tai ir kliūtis, ir jungtis. Nuo kalno viršaus galima apžvelgti panoramą, o jo papėdėje pakliūti į šešėlį, būti užgožtam. Pagaliau, Lietuvos kontekste „kalnas” gali reikšti ir iš stokos kylantį kompleksą, nes kalnų Lietuvoje neturime. O jų neturėdami, kalvas vis tiek vadiname kalnais.Paroda „Kaunas–Vilnius: nuversti kalnus” nuo balandžio 23 dienos veiks abiejuose miestuose. Todėl norint surinkti pilną patirties kolekciją, turėsite apsilankyti MO muziejuje Vilniuje, ir Kaune, Laikinojoje M. K. Čiurlionio dailės galerijoje (A. Mackevičiaus g. 27).Parodos maratono programa Kaune.Parodos maratono programa Vilniuje.Parodos oficiali internetinė svetainė

Skrydžių vasaros sezono startas – Ciurichas, Jerevanas! Gegužę – Hamburgas, Gdanskas ir Splitas

Kovo pabaigoje startavo naujos ir grįžtančios kryptys iš Lietuvos oro uostų – nauja oro linija Vilniaus oro uoste „Swiss“ pradėjo tiesioginius skrydžius tarp Vilniaus ir Ciuricho. Jie vykdomi du kartus per savaitę – trečiadieniais ir šeštadieniais.

Kaune Ryanair“ pradėjo skrydžius į Briuselį (Šarlerua oro uostą). Skrydžiai bus vykdomi dukart per savaitę – antradieniais ir šeštadieniais

Wizz Air“ atnaujino tiesioginius skrydžius iš Vilniaus į Jerevaną, Armėnijoje, skrydžiai vykdomi dukart per savaitę – pirmadieniais ir penktadieniais.

Netrukus startuosiančios naujos skrydžių kryptys – Hamburgas, Niurnbergas, Gdanskas ir Splitas, KroatijojeNuo gegužės pradžios „airBaltic“ keleiviams pasiūlys naujus tiesioginius skrydžius iš Vilniaus į Hamburgą. Skrydžiai bus vykdomi 3 kartus per savaitę, o tvarkaraštį rasti ir bilietus įsigyti galite taps trečiąja tiesiogine „airBaltic“ vokiška kryptimi iš Vilniaus oro uosto greta Berlyno bei Miuncheno.Taip pat pirmosiomis gegužės dienomis prasidės tiesioginiai „Ryanair“ skrydžiai į Gdanską ir Niurnbergą iš Vilniaus oro uosto, o į Varšuvą – iš Kauno. Skrydžių tvarkaraščius rasti ir bilietus įsigyti galite www.ryanair.comO nuo birželio „Wizz Air“ iš Vilniaus skraidins į Splitą, Kroatijoje. Skrydžiai bus vykdomi dukart per savaitę – pirmadieniais ir penktadieniais, o bilietus jau galite įsigyti
Keleivių srautas auga visuose oro uostuose, skrydžių skaičius Kauno oro uoste jau viršijo prieš pandemiją buvusį laikotarpį
Kovą Lietuvos oro uostuose ir toliau fiksavome nuoseklų keleivių ir skrydžių srauto augimą. 
Sparčiausias aviacijos rodiklių atsigavimas stebimas Kauno oro uoste – čia keleivių srautas pasiekė 93 proc. priešpandeminio lygio, o skrydžių skaičius net 15 proc. viršijo 2019 m. lygį.
Palangoje kovo mėn. sutikome 15 tūkstančių keleivių, o skrydžių aptarnavome 248.
Aviacijos vasaros sezono metu Lietuvos oro uostuose bus vykdomi skrydžiai daugiau nei 80 tiesioginių krypčių.

Visas kryptis iš ir į Lietuvos oro uostus rasite –

Artėjančių Velykų proga – žydintis kelias po Lietuvą! 

Ieškantiems žalesnių, tvaresnių keliavimo po Lietuvos gamtą krypčių – pasiūlymas išbandyti gėlių turizmą ir sustabdyti akimirką, kai žydi visa šalis.
Nacionalinė turizmo skatinimo agentūra „Keliauk Lietuvoje“ kartu su turizmo informacijos centrais pristato maršrutą po žydinčius regionus su žiedų piko kalendoriumi. Lietuvoje galima panirti ne tik į išpopuliarėjusių sakurų ar levandų, bet ir saulėgrąžų, rožinių žibuoklių, laukinių morkų ar lietuviškų orchidėjų jūrą. Taip pat – pasigrožėti žydinčiu tulpmedžiu, prezidentinėmis obelimis ar sudalyvauti žygyje stebėti pražydusio piliakalnio. Beje, žiedai gali atvesti ir į turistų neatrastas vietas – žiniuonės vyšnių sodą, ekstremalų pojūčių taką, gimtąjį Nobelio premijos laureato slėnį ar prie Stelmužės 3D kamieno kopijos.Ieškantiems žalesnių, tvaresnių keliavimo po Lietuvos gamtą krypčių – pasiūlymas išbandyti gėlių turizmą ir sustabdyti akimirką, kai žydi visa šalis. Nacionalinė turizmo skatinimo agentūra „Keliauk Lietuvoje“ kartu su turizmo informacijos centrais pristato maršrutą po žydinčius regionus su žiedų piko kalendoriumi. Lietuvoje galima panirti ne tik į išpopuliarėjusių sakurų ar levandų, bet ir saulėgrąžų, rožinių žibuoklių, laukinių morkų ar lietuviškų orchidėjų jūrą. Taip pat – pasigrožėti žydinčiu tulpmedžiu, prezidentinėmis obelimis ar sudalyvauti žygyje stebėti pražydusio piliakalnio. Beje, žiedai gali atvesti ir į turistų neatrastas vietas – žiniuonės vyšnių sodą, ekstremalų pojūčių taką, gimtąjį Nobelio premijos laureato slėnį ar prie Stelmužės 3D kamieno sėkmingesnės turizmo ir svetingumo verslo transformacijos.

Debut month was a big success for the new Viking Glory 

The response to Viking Line’s new flagship, Viking Glory, has been overwhelming and the number of bookings, which currently exceeds 350,000, has exceeded all expectations. In its first month in service, Viking Line has already reinforced its market share to over 70% on the Turku-Åland-Stockholm route as more than 70,000 passengers sailed on the new vessel in March. In addition nearly 280,000 passengers have booked a trip and are waiting for their turn.

On March 1, Viking Line’s new flagship, Viking Glory, was launched in service on the Stockholm–Mariehamn–Turku route. It is one of the world’s most climate-smart vessels and offers passengers top-class comfort and a wide range of experiences. More than 70,000 passengers have already managed to enjoy wonderful vistas through the large windows that provide views of the world’s most beautiful archipelago.

During the launch, there was uncertainty about placing a new vessel in service given the impact of the Covid pandemic on travel. But people’s interest and sales have both exceeded expectations, and since tickets went on sale almost 350,000 passengers have booked a trip on Viking Glory.

“With Viking Glory, we now have not just a new cruise concept but indeed a full-out cruise experience with an international atmosphere on the Baltic Sea. Many guests we’ve spoken to have compared their experience on board to a modern city hotel with lounge bars, piano players, jazz trios and modern DJs. They say we’ve created something new on the Baltic Sea, and that’s high praise,” says Johanna Boijer-Svahnström, Communications Director on Viking Line.

Now that travel restrictions have been lifted, there is also increased interest in cruises, cabin holidays and hotel packages among people travelling to both Finland and Åland.

“After a long and challenging period, we can see that interest in cruises and holiday travel in nearby areas is growing and to some extent approaching normal, which is a little extra special this year given that Åland is also celebrating 100 years of autonomous rule in 2022. The whole of Åland is celebrating, with all kinds of exciting events during the spring and summer, including musicals, exhibitions and concerts, so there are at least 100 reasons to visit Åland this very year,” adds Johanna Boijer-Svahnström.

Book your tickets for Viking Glory here

Read more about Viking Glory

Read more about Åland 100 years


As part of its expansion at Bradley International Airport, Breeze Airways will begin nonstop service to six destinations this June.

The new destinations include Nashville, TN; Akron/Canton, OH; Savannah, GA; Richmond, VA; Jacksonville, FL; and Sarasota/Bradenton, FL.

“As both a Board Member and Connecticut resident, I’m doubly happy to be at Bradley International to announce six new nonstops from Hartford, bringing Breeze’s total destinations served from here to ten,” said Trey Urbahn, Breeze Airways Board Member. “The expansion is a result of the warm welcome we’ve received in Connecticut.  Keep flying us and we’ll keep adding more and more flights.”

“We welcome Breeze’s significant expansion at Bradley International Airport and the benefits it will bring to our community,” said Kevin A. Dillon, A.A.E., Executive Director of the Connecticut Airport Authority. “The six new destinations are a major addition to our route network, supporting continued and strategic growth at Bradley International Airport. We are very pleased to partner with Breeze as they continue to increase their national presence and to offer our passengers added travel options with the introduction of these exciting destinations.”

The new routes will commence operations in June 2022, with the inaugural flights to Nashville, TN; Akron/Canton, OH; Savannah, GA; Richmond, VA and Jacksonville, FL scheduled to start on June 3rd, and flights to Sarasota/Bradenton, FL to commence on June 4th.

The new routes will be operated with Breeze’s fleet of brand-new Airbus A220s, except for the Bradley International Airport to Richmond flights. Other than Nashville, all the destinations are brand new routes to Bradley International Airport.

The airline currently operates nonstop service from Bradley International Airport to Columbus, OH; Norfolk, VA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Charleston, SC. In total, Breeze Airways will be offering low-cost, nonstop flights to ten destinations. All flights are on sale at and the Breeze app.

Breeze Airways launched at Bradley International Airport in May 2021. Nine months later, the airline has chosen the airport to become one of its operational bases, with plans to create more local jobs and expand nonstop services.

Among its hallmark offerings, Breeze Airways is committed to low fares with booking flexibility that includes no change or cancellation fees for flights changed or cancelled up to 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Breeze Airways was founded by David Neeleman and is his fifth airline start-up, after JetBlue, Brazil’s Azul, Canada’s WestJet, and Utah-based Morris Air, which was later purchased by Southwest Airlines.

EU Opens First Round of Applications for Free Travel Passes for Young People 

Starting from April 7, and until April 21, young people living in Erasmus+ countries can apply for one of the 35,000 free travel passes offered by the EU 

In a statement issued today, the European Commission has announced that DiscoverEU, which allows 18-year-olds to explore Europe mainly by train, is opening the first round of applications for 2022, reports.

According to the Commission, this year’s round will mark DiscoverEU’s entry into Erasmus+, and for the first time ever, it will be made possible for youngsters from Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, and Turkey to apply for the passes.

“With this change and through the exceptional funding under the European Year of Youth 2022, 70,000 travel passes will be made available in 2022: 35,000 in the application round announced today and another 35,000 in an application round foreseen for October,” the Commission notes in a press release issued regarding the opening of the application period.

It also states that eligible to enter are applicants who have successfully completed the selection quiz and are born between July 1, 2003, and June 30, 2004. The winners will have the opportunity to travel throughout Europe for up to 30 days during the travel period July 1, 2022, and June 30, 2023.

Commenting on the opening of the application period, the EU Vice-President for Promoting our European Way of Life, Margaritis Schinas, said that those who turn 18 in the second half of the year would be able to apply in the October round for the free passes.

“DiscoverEU gives more opportunities to travel to young people than ever before. With the European Year of Youth, we celebrate youth. We owe this to an entire generation that could not travel for the last two years. Good luck to all,” the Vice-President said.

To increase the learning dimension of the DiscoverEU experience, Erasmus+ National Agencies will facilitate meetings and information meetings to prepare new travellers for their journey and to create a learning experience with colleagues.

The Commission has also announced that DiscoverEU aims to promote discussions on sustainability, culture, and European identity, through these meetings.

In addition, participants who have disabilities or health problems will be able to accompany them during their journey.

The Commission, by encouraging sustainable rail travel, also makes exceptions for those who have difficulty reaching continental Europe to begin their train journey. To make this possible, special arrangements have been available for young people from more remote regions, counties and foreign territories, remote areas, and islands.

New Orleans Jazz Fest is Back 

Louisiana is delighted to confirm one of its legacy festivals will return this year with an ever-impressive line-up of iconic artists. The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival presented by Shell recently announced the music line-up for the much-anticipated 2022 Festival, scheduled over two weekends: 29th April – 1st May and 5th – 8thMay 2022.
Jazz Fest returns with the fabulously fun celebration of the unique culture and heritage of New Orleans and Louisiana, alongside unforgettable performances by nationally and internationally renowned guest artists to create one of the world’s most diverse musical festival line-ups. 
The line-up for 2022 includes the following performers; The Who, Stevie Nicks, Foo Fighters, Jimmy Buffett and The Coral Reefer Band, Luke Combs, Lionel Richie, The Black Crowes, Willie Nelson & Family, Erykah Badu, The Avett Brothers, Norah Jones, Lauren Daigle, Ludacris, Billy Strings, Nelly, Jason Isbell and The 400 Unit, Elvis Costello & The Imposters, Death Cab for Cutie, Ziggy Marley: Songs of Bob Marley, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Revivalists, Lukas Nelson & POTR, Randy Newman, Melissa Etheridge, Boz Scaggs, Kool & the Gang, Third World, CeeLo Green As…”Soul Brotha #100” (A James Brown Tribute), Irma Thomas, Big Freedia and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band.