Coronavirus Antibody Testing Now Available in selected TMB Clinics – Silvija Travel Tips

The Tropical Medical Bureau in Ireland has announced the launch of antibody testing for COVID-19 in selected clinics. The testing used will be the Abbott test, which has been authorised by MHRA in the UK and other international groups and has a > 98% accuracy rate. Self-testing kits are also expected to be available to order online from TMB within the next week.

About Antibody Tests

Antibody blood tests check the blood by looking for antibodies, which show if you had a previous infection with the virus. Antibodies are proteins which help to fight off infections and are only produced by the body after exposure and infection have occurred. They can usually take 8-10 days to appear but, occasionally, this can take longer so, depending on when an individual was infected and the timing of the test, it may not provide accurate results. It is also important to understand that not every individual creates circulating antibodies even after confirmed infection.  

Please note, antibody tests should not be used to diagnose someone as being currently sick with COVID-19. To check for a current infection, you need a viral test which checks respiratory samples, such as a swab from inside your nose.  

TMB Antibody Tests

TMB will be providing an in-clinic antibody test as well as a corporate service, which will see a TMB medical professional conduct tests on-site for organisations staff members. An at-home test is expected to be available to order online within the next week.

TMB’s in-clinic testing option requires an appointment with one of our nurses, which can be made online using the TMB booking system. Once a suitable date and time have been confirmed, patients will be sent forms to complete electronically. On the morning of the appointment, patients will be contacted to confirm that they do not have any active COVID-19 symptoms. Upon arrival at the clinic, patients will be seen by a nurse and a blood sample will be taken and sent to the laboratory for testing. The results will be available on our secure myTMB facility approximately 48 hours later. The cost for this service is €80.  

TMB’s corporate service offers businesses the opportunity to arrange antibody tests for staff members. With this service, TMB will send a medical professional out to the workplace to conduct antibody tests on-site.

As part of this new service, TMB recognises that some patients may need extra support to understand their results as they become available. Accordingly, TMB is providing a ‘teleconsultation’ facility to allow individuals who have taken an antibody test, to discuss their personal results with one of our healthcare professionals. Details on accessing this service will be provided along with test results.

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