Crystal Lagoons to develop Public Access Lagoons – Silvja Travel Tips

Prominent entertainment firms have partnered with Crystal Lagoons® to develop a new facet of the Public Access Lagoons™ model. There will be 16 projects across the United States, known as “Crystal Lagoons Island Resort.” The first will be in Arizona.

The developments will unite Universal Music Group, the world’s leading record label; Epic, the multinational entertainment company; Point Cloud, the leading 4D light projection firm; and SimEx-Iwerks, two-time Academy Award winner for cinematographic effects.

The projects will incorporate state-of-the-art attractions, such as hyper-realistic light and music performances over the lagoon with Raylight4D technology by Point Cloud, while SimEx-Iwerks will offer virtual tours. Additionally, there will be Pangea and Rainforest Café restaurants, aerial bars and an indoor bar with waves for surfing. This new Crystal Lagoons model will revolutionize the hotel and concert offer with a new tourist and entertainment format, centred around its lagoons with cutting-edge technology.

For Universal Music, this marks its move into the hotel industry with its own chain, Universal Music Hotel (which will compete with Hard Rock Hotel), with a far wider range of shows. The label’s leading bands will host concerts on the central stage mounted on the 10-acre lagoon, which guests will enjoy from all 300 rooms at the U-shaped hotel.

“By incorporating Crystal Lagoons innovation, we are offering a new standard of tourism and entertainment for the XXI century, which will revolutionize the hotel and entertainment industries. For that reason, Universal Music has opted for the Public Access Lagoons business model, also known as PAL™, creating its own chain of hotels and giving a qualitative jump with respect to what is currently on offer,” explains Eric Cherasia, Vice President at Crystal Lagoons U.S. Corp.

Lagoon beach clubs, retail, amphitheatres and recreational and cultural activities will be included in the areas surrounding the lagoon.

“Universal Music hotels will be true entertainment centres, with unique and extreme experiences such as the French Aerophile Balloon gastronomic platform, which will rise 1000 ft. with diners inside,” concludes Cherasia.

About Crystal Lagoons

Crystal Lagoons is a multinational company with U.S. headquarters in Miami and offices in Dallas and Los Angeles, that has developed an innovative concept and technology, patented in 190 countries, allowing for the construction and maintenance of unlimited size bodies of water in crystalline conditions at low cost.