IT&CMA 2020 Learning Festival Revealed – Silvija TRavel Tips

IT&CMA and CTW Asia-Pacific are partnering ICCA, IMEX, PCMA, and SITE – four of the industry’s biggest associations and trendsetters for its brand new learning festival DDFI.

Slated as the first knowledge segment of the 3-day double-bill event, the inaugural festival features four parallel themes close to the hearts of industry professionals, each helmed by one of its content partners. Themes will run concurrently over 3 hours – across different locations at official venue Bangkok Convention Centre on:

Tuesday 22 September 2020
0900 – 1200hrs


Open to all delegates, DDFI features interactive workshop-style sessions centred on a variety of curated case studies and inspiring stories by personalities and brands passionate about Community and Sustainability; Innovation and Enterprise; Professional Advancement and Well-Being; and Mentorship and Future Leaders.

Organisers and content partners are also exploring added pre- and/or post-event excursions to local business featured in these sessions as part of a cultural immersion objective to tangible learning at DDFI.

Attendees are invited to ditch the corporate wear and come dressed down in their smart casual attire for a thematic, interactive and unrestricted inspiring learning experience.

Meet The Content Partners and their Themes

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