New models and technology in the MICE industry – Silvija Travel Tips

By Charo Trabado:

Up to this point, we have overcome catastrophes of many kinds: climate, security, political conflicts, etc., of which we have recovered rapidly and professionally. The situation we are facing today would have been hard to imagine a month ago and we must rise to the challenge, demonstrating our adaptability as the strong and united industry that we are.

Focusing on the MICE industry, which is my expertise, I’ve come to the conclusion that our way out of this crisis should be focused on two concepts: business models and technology.

Model adaptability

Regarding business models, trade shows will have to decrease in terms of the number and origin of their assistants. Boutique events should gain preference at a national level, sustainable and ensuring the health of its participants, later they will grow and internationalize more and more as we leave this situation behind. Yet, of course, there will be changes that we incorporate in these times that might be here to stay!

Technology and change

Technology will play a fundamental role in this process of change. There are many technologies that are going to change the present and the future of the sector, although particularly and to give more focus to the current problem, I would like to focus on four:

  • Big Data, which allows us to segment our potential customers and better understand what needs they have.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality, with unlimited potential for our sector, particularly in areas of interactivity, we can facilitate greater participation and inclusion of customers that will add value to our brand.
  • Robotics, it gives us a large number of applications that allow us to provide the user with greater comfort, capture their attention as a customer, provide entertainment, and allow the user to participate more actively, increasing the positive impact of said activity.
  • Smart cities, which are emerging as a necessary city model for residents and visitors, with reduced emissions, increased renewable energy, application of communication technologies, improvements in transport networks, and much more.

Hope for the sector

I would like to send a message of optimism to the great global community that is the tourism sector, which brings people joy, unites citizens worldwide and generates sustainable jobs and wealth: We will become more united than ever and we will travel again with much more desire!

At MITM Events we continue to work with enthusiasm and with the confidence that we will emerge stronger from this situation. We continue to bet on the business model that has led us to continue being a benchmark in our sector for more than 30 years and to remain faithful to our motto “Quality Oriented Trade Shows”.