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Travel destination Vilnius, Lithuania – Silvija Travel Tips

Once a part of the Eastern bloc, Lithuania is the southernmost and biggest of the Baltic States.

Since Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, Vilnius, the capital, has experienced a youthful renaissance. It’s a city on the move, full of tech start-ups, warehouse-style music venues and art festivals. But the city’s claim to fame is its 13th century Old Town, where Medieval streets snake beside fairytale-like churches, and underground beer halls are famous for selling the cheapest beer Europe.



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Vilnius Historic Centre, Lithuania – Silvija Travel Tips

As the political centre of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania from the 13th to the end of the 18th century, Vilnius has had a profound influence on the cultural and architectural development of much of eastern Europe. The historic centre includes buildings in the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical styles which have been well preserved over time. It is also home to one of the greatest love stories in Baltic history.

At the height of its power in the 15th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe. Appropriately, its capital of Vilnius became a city of grandeur and harmony. The architecture of the historic centre left the deepest and most impressive mark as the city flourished during the peaceful period of the late 17th and 18th centuries.

Vilnius is an excellent example of a European city that grew with influences from multiple cultures, religions, and languages—and has been well preserved. In turn, it also influenced the cultural and architectural development of much of Eastern Europe.

For visitors and locals alike, one of the most important vehicles for discovery here—and throughout the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth—is the royal love story between the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Žygimantas Augustas, and Barbora.

The Old Town of Vilnius follows the medieval layout and it’s easy to walk the streets and see the stunning collection of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical buildings. Up on a grassy hill near the river, visit Gediminas tower- a reminder of the first castle built here in the 15th century. On the ground below are royal palace buildings and the cathedral where Lithuania’s beloved Grand Duchess Barbara Radziwill was buried. If you are looking to visit Vilnius’ more alternative side, you can take a tour through the self-proclaimed ‘Republic’ of Užupis – the city’s Bohemian and artistic district. In the warmer months , festivals, music, art and theatre fill the streets, theatres and galleries of Vilnius.

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First Clarion hotel to be opened in Vilnius

International hotel chain Clarion plans to settle in a building being developed by investment company Lords LB Asset Management in central Vilnius, Lords LB Asset Management spokesman Justas Vaitkevicius confirmed it to BNS Lithuania, cites LETA

Clarion is operated by US hotel operator Choice Hotels International, and Clarion hotels in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries are managed by Norway’s Nordic Choce Hotels under a franchise agreement.

Lords LB Asset Management plans to invest 45 million euros into the project that is set to be finished by the middle of 2020. According to previous reports, the project will involve a hotel with 299 rooms, offices and a conference center.

Two Hilton hotels as well as an Ibis hotel will be opened in Vilnius in the upcoming years, with a Marriott hotel already operating in the Lithuanian capital.

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10 things to do in Vilnius

Vilnius is a city best known for its historical charm, particularly its Unesco-listed Old Town. Yet there are few European capitals modernising quite so rapidly. Today, for every preserved baroque church there’s an achingly hip café; for every old cobbled street, a modernist work of art.

This fascinating contrast of the time-honoured and the on-trend make Lithuania’s capital a refreshing and rewarding weekend break. Here are 10 of the best things to see and do during a visit.

Enjoy the view

A sea of red-tiled roofs and lush green parkland, punctuated by dozens of church spires: Vilnius looks spectacular from on high. The loveliest panorama in the city – particularly at sunset – is from the Three Crosses, a monument set atop the cheerily-named Bleak Hill, but it’s a steep walk. Gediminas’ Tower offers an almost-equally striking view, and is easily reached by funicular, or else take a lift up to the stylish rooftop Skybar (radissonblu.com) to gaze out over the city with a cocktail in 


Tour a breakaway republic

Užupis, which means “the other side of the river”, is a neighbourhood that sits apart from the rest of Vilnius – both physically and politically. In 1997, Užupis declared itself an independent republic, with its own flag, anthem and president, and two decades on it retains its distinctive vibe. This bohemian district has some great riverside pubs and cafes, alternative artists’ workshops and a prominent, wall-mounted constitution featuring idiosyncratic articles such as “People have the right to have no rights”.


Try a local delicacy

Two dishes dominate dining here: cepelinai and kibinai. The first are filling, zeppelin-shaped dumplings of grated potato, stuffed with mince or curd, slathered in sour cream and served on huge plates. The latter are traditional pastries – not dissimilar to Cornish pasties – typically filled with mutton and onion and sold in every Vilnius bakery (though the best ones are in Trakai, a great day trip from the capital).

See the city’s street art

Vilnius has many fine contemporary art galleries, but to really see how artists here express themselves, simply step outside. There are quirky al fresco works of art across Vilnius, from a bronze bust of Frank Zappa to a street lined with hundreds of tiny paintings, prints and ceramics, but it’s the colourful, often political street corner graffiti that really stands out, including a mural of Trump and Putin locking lips.

Make a wish

In August 1989, an extraordinary thing happened: two million people formed a human chain stretching 420 miles from Tallinn to Vilnius, in protest of Soviet occupation. Within seven months, Lithuania was independent. To commemorate this event, a stone tile marked stebuklas (miracle) was laid in Vilnius’ main Cathedral Square. Today, it’s a lucky charm, so stand on the tile, spin clockwise and make a wish.

Step back in time

Not just under the radar, but out of sight, there’s a concealed corner of Vilnius that belongs to another era. Situated in the up-and-coming Šnipiškės district, it’s a 19th century community of pretty, wooden homes with wood-burning stoves, outhouses and communal water pumps, all linked by unpaved streets. It is under constant threat from developers, with many houses burning down in suspicious circumstances, but you can see what remains on the Alternative Tour from Vilnius Free Tour (vilniusfreetour.lt).

Sip a craft beer

Vilnius has a proud farmhouse brewing tradition, and has fully embraced the craft beer boom. Popular brewpubs include Alaus Namai (alausnamai.lt), home of Širvenos ale – brewed using peas – and Šnekutis (facebook.com/BaraiSnekutis), known for its cloudy amber Jovaru Alus. Many pubs also serve surprisingly tasty non-alcoholic wheat beers and stouts brewed by Švyturys (svyturys.lt).

Dig into Lithuania’s history

Lithuania has a long and tumultuous history, from the wealth and prosperity of the Middle Ages to the devastating occupations of the 20th century. You can uncover it all with visits to the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania (valdovurumai.lt) and the Museum of Genocide Victims (genocid.lt).

Stroll along the river

Vilnius is a great strolling city, but forego the cobbled streets and winding alleys for one day in favour of the riverbank. A walk alongside the river Vilnelė offers a mix of thriving nature and major city sights, like the atmospheric Bernardine Cemetery, the trumpeting Angel of Užupis and the leafy Kalnai Park.

Shop for traditional food

Foodies shouldn’t miss the covered Hales Market (halesturgaviete.lt). This beautiful historic building, opened in 1906, has stallholders selling everything you could possibly desire, from smoked meat, fresh fish and organic vegetables to clothes, flowers and gifts. There’s also a lovely bakery-café.

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8 Lithuania Restaurants among the top 30 restaurants in the Baltics – Silvija Travel Tips

The chefs of as many as eight restaurants in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda woke up as part of the Baltic cream of the crop following the reputable Scandinavian White Guide 2018 evaluations of restaurants that happened for the second time now in our country. Eight from fifteen restaurants evaluated in Lithuania made it to the Baltic top 30 restaurants, with Nüman in Kaunas reaching the third place.


Uoksas ranked 30th, Džiaugsmas (Joy) – 20th, Monai (Tricks) – 15th, Telegrafas (Telegraph) – 11th, Monte Pacis – 10th, Gastronomika (Gastronomy) – 8th, and Sweet Root – 7th.

“When the White Guide was brought to Lithuania last year, in cooperation with Kaunas IN and GO Vilnius, their well-established and reputable experts showed some surprise as regards the quality and character of our restaurants. White Guide rankings, known otherwise as Scandinavian Michelins, are very much sought after, and thus very much appreciated by our restaurants and the country itself to that matter. Actually, the restaurant boom has not subsided as yet. And the gastronomic tourism may well promote Lithuania as a tourism destination, while serving as one of its major attractions”, says Indrė Trakimaitė-Šeškuvienė, Acting Head of the State Department of Tourism.

A White Guide 2018 website with the list of all restaurants ranked was presented in Tallinn on 29 November. This year’s evaluation covered 15 Lithuanian restaurants (10 last year) (by number of points granted): Nüman (Kaunas), Sweet Root (Vilnius), Gastronomika (Vilnius), Monte Pacis (Kaunas), Telegrafas (Vilnius), Monai (Klaipėda), Džiaugsmas (Vilnius), Uoksas (Kaunas), SOMM (Vilnius), Dublis (Vilnius), Gaspar’s (Vilnius), Amandus (Vilnius), Buceris (Vilnius), Lauro Lapas (Vilnius) and Šturmų švyturys (Vilnius ir Ventės Ragas).

For more information, please contact:
Gerda Butkuvienė
Press Officer
State Department of Tourism under the Ministry of Economy

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Vilnius – Startup City Alliance Europe – Silvija Travel Tips

FVilnius is the first city in the Baltic States and the entire East-Central Europe region, which has become a full-fledged member of the Startup City Alliance Europe (SCALE). The application of “Go Vilnius” for the membership of Vilnius city was approved in the meeting of the alliance held in Kiev.

SCALE has been developing a system, which helps European start-ups to easier reach different cities where they can test and develop their ideas and products.

According to the Director of “Go Vilnius” Inga Romanovskienė, the participation of Vilnius city in SCALE network will allow the city and its rapidly growing community of start-ups to establish relations with most advanced European start-ups and thus exchange ideas, innovations and promote the development of knowledge economy.

Participation in the SCALE network opens up opportunities for Vilnius companies not only to take part in foreign projects, but also to attract and develop new international start-up or knowledge economy projects and to hold business conferences related to these areas.

“Having become SCALE members, we have a real opportunity to make Vilnius a new hot spot on the map of new European technology events,” says Inga Romanovskienė.

The SCALE network founded in Amsterdam brings together 19 European start-up organizations operating in such European cities as Amsterdam, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Lisbon and Rome. The aim of the cooperation of the cities is to create a transparent ecosystem of start-ups able to help start-ups to reach new markets.

According to Berth van der Lingen, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lithuania, SCALE is a very important organization, which helps create a common ecosystem of European start-up cities, which would enable a faster and more efficient cooperation.

“It is amazing that Vilnius is the first of the cities in its region to join the Startup City Alliance Europe (SCALE), which was founded in spring of 2016 at the initiative of the start-up agency “StartupAmstredam”. SCALE seeks to create an ecosystem of European start-up cities, which will promote more efficient sharing of knowledge, financing opportunities and product ideas. This step is yet another proof that Vilnius can play an important role in the urban ecosystem of European start-ups.

As the matter of fact, start-up communities of Vilnius and the Netherlands have already been cooperating: the Dutch business accelerators and venture capitalists have actively operated in Vilnius, also developing initiatives of the development financing. The team of embassy employees highly appreciates the opportunity to contribute to Vilnius joining the SCALE network, which will further strengthen the interaction between start-up communities of the Netherlands and Lithuania”, said Berth van der Lingen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Lithuania.

One of the main goals of SCALE is assistance in the creation of a transparent ecosystem of European start-ups, which will help start-ups reach different countries and successfully develop their activities therein. Another very important goal of SCALE is the strengthening of the cooperation between self-government structures, universities, businesses, investors and start-ups of European cities.

“Go Vilnius” implemented the accession of Vilnius to SCALE. An information platform was developed for successful attraction and cooperation of start-ups in cooperation with the law firm “Trinity” and “Startup Lithuania”, presenting information on the legal and tax framework, business development procedures, start-up ecosystem, thematic events and start-up visa procedures – all that is needed for successful co-operation.

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Cosy Evenings in Vilnius – Silvija Travel Tips

There’s beauty to be found in Vilnius at any time of the year. However, exploring the town in winter also requires knowing about places where you can step inside to warm up and nibble on a little comfort food – Vilnius Tourism have put together a handy guide.

Gražių vaizdų Vilniuje galima rasti visais metų laikais. Tačiau tyrinėjant miestą žiemą būtina žinoti apie jaukias vietas, į kurias užsukęs galėsi pailsėti, užkąsti ir sušilti. Šis trumpas gidas padės jas rasti.

Apsilankyk „Džiugo“ kavinėje ir paskanauk iš lietuviško sūrio pagamintų desertų, kurie puikiai tiks prie kavos ir pakels nuotaiką. Arba stabtelk „Holy Donut“ ir nusipirk „Vaidilutę“ – spurgą su salyklu, medumi ir sėklomis. O jei norėtum paragauti deserto, kurį žino kiekvienas vilnietis, „Rūtos“ parduotuvėje nusipirk medaus torto.

Chaika“ – miestiečių ypač mėgstama vieta. Ši kavinė įsikūrusi mažame name pačioje senamiesčio širdyje ir turi ypatingą atmosferą. Būdamas Užupyje, užeik į „Kmyninę“. Čia rasi tradicinių saldėsių ir visame pasaulyje žinomų desertų. O naudotų knygų knygynas „Mint Vinetu“ turi ir mažą kavinę, kuri yra puiki erdvė tyloje atsipalaiduoti su arbata ir gera knyga.

Padaryk trumpą petraukėlę ir pasistiprink puikiais užkandžiais vienoje iš vilniečių dažnai lankomų vietų. „Pinavija“ prekiauja kibinais ir desertais. „Beigelistai“ pasiūlys kokybiškų beigelių su įvairiais priedais. Ypač džiugina mintis apie pyragą ar blynus? „Pilies kepyklėlėje“ kepa tokius, kurie tirpsta burnoje.

Padaryk trumpą petraukėlę ir pasistiprink puikiais užkandžiais vienoje iš vilniečių dažnai lankomų vietų. „Pinavija“ prekiauja kibinais ir desertais. „Beigelistai“ pasiūlys kokybiškų beigelių su įvairiais priedais. Ypač džiugina mintis apie pyragą ar blynus? „Pilies kepyklėlėje“ kepa tokius, kurie tirpsta burnoje.

Sau patinkantį alų tikrai rasi „Alaus bibliotekoje“, kurios meniu rasi platų gėrimų pasirinkimą iš Lietuvos ir viso pasaulio. Jei norėtum pasijausti kaip vietinis, „Špunka“ turi tam tinkamą atmosferą ir alaus iš mažųjų aludarių. Vilniaus geležinkelio stotyje esantis „Peronas“ – tikra patirtis. Nuliniame perone pačioje stotyje įsikūręs baras siūlo išgerti alaus ar kokteilių neįprastoje vietoje.

Jei ieškai kulinarinio potyrio, apsilankyk „Ertlio name“. Šis senamiestyje esantis restoranas ruošia istorinės lietuviškos virtuvės patiekalus. Užupio „Sweet Root“ puikiai tiks norintiems paragauti sezoninio maisto, o dar daugiau pasiūlymų vakarienės vietai rasi geriausių Vilniaus restoranų sąraše.


Visit Džiugas Cafe to try desserts made from Lithuanian cheese that will tickle your tastebuds and go well with a coffee. Or head over to Holy Donut and grab a Vaidilutė – a donut with malt, honey and seeds. For something sweeter, pop into a Rūta shop and ask for medaus tortas – a layered cake with honey and lemon that’s a true local classic.

If you’re feeling hip, go to Chaika. The cafe’s located in a small house in the middle of the Old Town and has a distinct vibe. If you happen to be in Užupis, Kmyninė is a good choice – there’s a wide selection of traditional pastries and desserts from around the world. If you’re after a quiet corner, pop into Mint Vinetu – the pre-loved bookstore hosts a small cafe and the solitude you’ll find inside is perfect for opening a book.

Take a little time off from exploring the town and pay a visit to some of the locals’ favourite places for snacks. Pinavija offers kibinai (a traditional Karaim pastry) and desserts. For quality bagels, head to Beigelistai. And if pie or pancakes sound like your kind of thing, go to Pilies kepyklėlė – they are experts in both.

Unwind in Alaus biblioteka, with its excellent selection of craft beer from Lithuania and beyond. For a more local feel head over to Špunka and treat your tastebuds to a beer from a Lithuanian microbrewery in a true neighbourhood bar. And if you’d like to find a place that’s popular with locals, go to Peronas. The bar on platform zero of the Vilnius Train Station is unlike any other in town – you’ll find beers and cocktails on the menu.

For a fine dining experience, visit Ertlio Namas. This restaurant puts a modern twist on historical cuisine and offers a real culinary experience. Sweet Root is a good choice for seasonal dishes, but ultimately, you can’t go wrong with any of the top restaurants in Vilnius.


Šiemet Vilnius milijonojo turisto sulaukė dar greičiau nei pernai – Silvija Travel Tips

Šiandien Vilniuje buvo iškilmingai sutiktas šių metų milijonasis turistas. Tradiciniu tampantis milijonojo turisto iškilmingas sutikimas įvyko daugiau nei dviejomis savaitėmis anksčiau nei pernai – ženklas, rodantis, kad lankytojų skaičius sostinėje auga.

Milijonuoju turistu tapo Vokietijoje gyvenantis estas Christian Veske. Į Vilnių jis su šeima – žmona Margit ir dukrele Saara Salme – atvyko savaitei. Viešnagės metu C. Veske tvarkys darbo reikalus, o jo šeima mėgausis kalėdine Lietuvos sostine.

„Niekada nesu laimėjęs jokioje loterijoje, todėl visiškai nesitikėjau kažko panašaus. Tai nuostabu! – įspūdžiais dalijosi C. Veske. – Su šeima būtinai apsilankysime Vilniuje dar kartą.“

„Sveikiname milijonąjį sostinės svečią ir linkime, kad laikas, praleistas mūsų mylimame mieste, Jums paliktų malonių įspūdžių. Lauksime Jūsų sugrįžtant,“ – sakė Vilniaus miesto turizmo ir verslo plėtros agentūros „Go Vilnius“ direktorė Inga Romanovskienė, įteikdama Vilniaus svečiui dovaną – savaitgalio kelionę į Vilnių, viešnagę viešbutyje „Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square“ bei ekskursiją po gražiausias ir įspūdingiausias sostinės vietas.

„Džiaugiamės tuo, kad Vilnius kasmet tampa vis populiaresnis turistų tarpe, dėl to milijonąjį turistą šiemet galime pasveikinti dar anksčiau nei pernai. Mūsų prognozės rodo, kad iki šių metų pabaigos Vilniuje apsilankys daugiau nei 1,2 milijono turistų – apie 4 proc. daugiau nei praėjusiais metais, – sakė I. Romanovskienė. – Kitais metais Vilniuje duris atvers nauji stambūs viešbučiai, muziejus, bus stiprinamos rinkodaros priemonės, todėl tikimės dar spartesnio turistų skaičiaus augimo.“

Tikimasi, kad ateinantys metai atneš dar geresnius rezultatus turizmo sektoriui sostinėje. Kad taip būtų, dedamos didelės miesto ir turizmo sektoriaus dalyvių pastangos. Planuojama, kad 2018-aisiais Vilniuje duris atvers trys nauji viešbučiai („Courtyard by Marriot Vilnius City Center“, „Ibis Vilnius Center“, „Hotel Pacai“). 2018-ųjų rudenį planuojama atidaryti modernaus meno „Mo muziejų“, kuris turėtų tapti turistų traukos centru, padvigubės Valdovų rūmų ekspozicinės erdvės. Stiprią injekciją tarptautinio Vilniaus konkurencingumo didinimui suteiks nuo 2018-ųjų liepos mėn pradedama rinkti Vilniaus turisto rinkliava. Iš jos surinktos lėšos bus skirtos miesto žinomumo didinimui, konferencijų turizmo skatinimui, tarptautinio miesto pasiekiamumo gerinimui bei turistinio Vilniaus patrauklumo didinimui.

Daugiau informacijos:  „Go Vilnius“ anksčiau pranešė, kad 2017 m. pirmąjį ir antrąjį ketvirtį Vilnius sulaukė atitinkamai 7 ir 5 proc. daugiau turistų nei praėjusiais metais. Dėl vasarą vykusios Vilniaus oro uosto rekonstrukcijos buvo prognozuojama, kad tuo laikotarpiu turistų srautai sostinėje gali sumažėti apie 20 procentų. Tačiau remiantis Statistikos departamento paskelbtais 2017 m. trečiojo ketvirčio apgyvendinimo paslaugų statistikos duomenimis, oro uosto uždarymo poveikis Vilniui buvo mažesnis nei tikėtasi: turistų skaičius sostinėje liepos-rugsėjo mėnesiais sumažėjo tik 2 proc., lyginant su tuo pačiu 2016-ųjų laikotarpiu.

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Cathedral Basilica, Vilnius, Lithuania -Silvija Travel Tips

Cathedral Basilica, Vilnius. The Cathedral of St. Stanislav and St. Vladislav is the most important place of worship for Lithuania Catholics and the location for the main Christian, folk and national festivities. In 1922, the Cathedral was granted the title basilica. This is the highest church category awarded by the Pope.

Many prominent people of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy – Noblemen, Bishops and Dukes are buried in the vaults of the Cathedral. The Sovereings Mausoleum located beneath the Chapel of St. Casimir contains the remains of the Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland Alexander. He is the only ruler of Poland and Lithuania buried in Vilnius. Vytautas the Great, a grandson of Duke Gediminas and the most powerful Lithuanian ruler, is buried in the vaults of the Cathedral together with his wife Ona. Two wives of Žygimantas Augustas, Queen Elisabeth of Austria (Habsburg) and Queen Barbora Radvilaitė (said to have been the most beautiful woman of her time), are also buried on the site. The walls of the Cathedral also provide shelter for the urn with the heart of King Vladislovas Vaza (Wladyslaw Vasa).

The ancient wall of the temple dating back to the 13th-15th centuries, and the oldest Lithuanian fresco painted in the 14th century, have survived in the vaults of the Cathedral.

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