Vilnius invites you to celebrate its upcoming anniversary at a spectacular free music festival 

In 2023, a historic event is in store for Lithuania – the 700th anniversary of Vilnius. But we’re already starting to celebrate now! In preparation for the anniversary of the Lithuanian capital, there’s no need to think about presents – the city itself has prepared a multitude of gifts for its residents and guests. This 25 July, Vilnius will be giving you a spectacular music festival in one of the greenest places in the capital – Vingis Park.

The feast day of St Christopher, the patron saint of Vilnius, takes on new meaning – we will celebrate the city’s birthday twice a year: on 25 January, which, as historians have agreed, is the city’s birthday, and exactly half a year later, in the summer.  Vingis Park, which is a favourite place among locals, will become a unique international music arena, where you will be able to enjoy an exclusive programme featuring a combination of classical and popular music. This festival is one of the main Vilnius anniversary events being held in 2022 for music fans.

Awaiting you completely free of charge are performances by famous Lithuanian performers, unexpected duets and… Lewis Capaldi – the famous Grammy nominee and winner of MTV and numerous other awards! Tickets to his concerts at the best venues in the United States and Europe sell like hot cakes. But on 25 July, Lewis Capaldi will be giving Vilnius – and you – a free show. 

The festival will also have plenty of surprises. It’s hard to even imagine a line-up of Lithuanian artists with such different sound – different generations, different genres, different styles of music. But after all, Vilnius is a creative, experimental and passionate city! And that is exactly why the most famous Lithuanian singers and bands will be forming unexpected duets and making the audience’s hearts pound. There will be both well-known and popular songs, as well as legendary pieces that have been newly interpreted.

The event will also offer a chance to see a meeting of Lithuanian and foreign classical music performers. It is symbolic that we will be celebrating the capital’s anniversary with guests from Europe – just like artisans and merchants flocked to our capital from major European cities almost 700 years ago at the urging of Grand Duke Gediminas, today we will also have extraordinary artists. This celebration is far from being just for lovers of classical music – after all, music unites everyone!

Whether you like pop music, rock or electronic music, the all-day festival programme will be balanced for all tastes. Admission to the festival is free – it is a 700th anniversary gift for the city’s residents and guests.